Friday, May 23, 2008

Hiring Managers Continue to Hire

According to a recent Q2 survey released by USA Today and, hiring manager's plans continue to be positive.

  • 87% of employers plan to increase or remain the same for their full-time employee levels.
  • 70% of employers report they will increase salaries for existing staff
  • 46% of employers plan to add IT staff, 36% plan to add full-time sales employees and
  • 32% plan to increase professional and business positions

Monday, May 5, 2008

Salary Guide Accounting Silicon Valley

Real Time Salary Survey. We are in the process of compiling a salary survey . One of the ways that we thought we could be different was by taking several of our recent placements and providing compensation information. Our thought is that it would be invaluable to our clients and prospects as well as to candidates, to see real-time salary information rather than data that is sometimes a year or more old. Let me know your thoughts. See below for the last five placeement we completed in May in Silicon Valley.

Salary $180,000.00
Bonus 8-15%
Stock 70,000 shares
Size of Firm 50M
Job title Controller
Years of experience required 10-15 years

Salary $ 78,000.00
Bonus discretionary
Stock 2,500 shares
Size of Firm 1B
Job title IT Auditor
Years of experience required 2-4 years

Salary $ 150,000.00
Bonus 20%
Stock 90,000
Size of Firm 20M
Job title Corporate Controller
Years of experience required 8-10 years

Salary $ 90,000.00
Bonus 10%
Stock 2500
Size of Firm 900M
Job title Sr. Financial Analyst
Years of experience required 5-7 years

Salary $ 55,000.00
Bonus 5-7%
Stock 0
Size of Firm 25M
Job title Staff Accountant
Years of experience required 3-7 years